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Usually, I try to give titles to my articles after I finish them. Why? Because I like them to be a reflection of the content, and not a direction for it. But today is a different day… It’s Pitti Uomo 91! 

What is being written about Pitti Uomo 91?

Probably every other blogger you read apart from me writes about Pitti Uomo. Isn’t it boring? It is, admit it. If you asked me a month ago what Pitti Uomo is for me, I’d answer without hesitation. A vanity fair. An arena of self adoration. Three-day long Italian centre of selfies. Stories from this event are being written twice a year on at least a dozen or so men’s blogs. Most of them being just a description of one’s outfit, pictures with famous Pitti faces and of course – an analysis of coming trends for the next season (one article that I found about Pitti which consist of interesting observations and thoughts is by Mikołaj Pawelczak from Blue Loafers – read it!). Based on only these blog posts, one can think that in fact, this is how Pitti looks like.

Pitti is so much more

You can’t be right more. Pitti in my opinion is a business fair in the first place. The fountain catwalk is just an addition. The business possibilities and opportunities are what attracts so many people.

The aim of my trip to Florence was strictly different than what I described earlier. Due to my position in an exclusive tailor shop in Warsaw – Davide Lifestyle, my journey has been a business trip in major part. Is it bad? Not at all! I had an opportunity to see Pitti from the business / fair side. I was able to catch a few interesting things, but to be honest there wasn’t enough time to capture everything I wanted. Next edition in June 2017 will be more satisfying – I’d like to show you much more, present different brands and people, probably prepare a few short interviews, show you a little bit of Pitti’s backstage and so on 🙂

At this point, I have to satisfy your curiosity with just a few images. Pitti 91 is for me a first meeting with a very big event and blog project. A first kiss, with a beautiful woman… We all wait for the second date and a coverage 😉

Pitti is Pitti

There wasn’t much time, but there are things that one cannot miss while being a part of Pitti Uomo. This means posing for a picture with the world famous Lino Ieluzzi, an owner of a boutique in Milan – Al Bazaar. He is known for his double breasted jackets and coats, number 7 embroidered on his all ties and wearing two watches on both wrists… Sprezzatura? At it’s finest!

At this point, please do enjoy a few pictures from Pitti Uomo 91. Soon, I will also post a short video coverage, which – I hope – will be a first episode of a bigger series. See you during next edition!

So what did I actually miss during Pitti Uomo? You can read it on any other blog… 😉